Our Business Model

ANS technologies are offered on a license basis. License includes know-how transfer, engineering and process implementation support.


Verification Model

When a company desires to improve performance of a specific component or find a solution to abrasion- or friction problems in a product, ANS will be contacted for collaboration in finding a sustainable, long-term solution.

Such a collaboration will begin with a verification project where suitability for ANS treatment methods are investigated from the company’s needs in the following two areas:

  • Component/Product performance improvement
  • Applicability in production environment
Component/Product Performance Improvement

Perceived friction and/or wear problems are formulated by the company together with a defined target of performance improvement as ANS-treated component is expected to provide. ANS technicians will then provide a prototype treatment solution based on parameters such as material composition, component geometry and contact situation, temperature- and lubrication conditions.

The prototype solution is evaluated in the ANS test lab for wear, friction and component life. Alternatively, the prototype solution is tested in the company’s own test equipment or in a combination: both at ANS and the company.

Applicability in Production Environment

ANS treatments are made in ANS test lab in Uppsala, but are intended to be integrated into the production of the component manufacturing company in long term. Prior to an ANS-integrated production, existing production terms and requirements must be specified by the component manufacturing company. Listed below are examples of such information may include:

  • Machine specifications
  • Form requirements
  • Surface roughness requirements
  • Cycle time requirements

When informed on production conditions, ANS technicians are able to formulate a preliminary solution for a complete ANS-integrated production. If the company’s requirements for the above mentioned areas are reached, ANS surface treatments will be ready for immediate use in connection with a licensing agreement between component manufacturer and ANS. The license agreement also includes conditions for the continued collaboration with ANS.