About Triboconditioning®

ANS Triboconditioning® is a mechanochemical surface treatment method patented by ANS. The treatment can be implemented as a superfinishing operation and carried out using standard machines, e.g. for honing, turning, or milling. The result is a smoother surface covered with a low friction tribofilm that reduces friction and the wear of the component.

ANS offers the Triboconditioning® technology on a license basis to component manufacturers and system builders. See Offering.

How it is done

The ANS Triboconditioning® process combines mechanical burnishing with tribochemical deposition of a friction- and wear-reducing compound onto the component surface. A tool is pressed and sled against the component in the presence of a special process fluid. As the tool passes over the surface it triggers a tribochemical reaction within the process fluid which gradually deposits a low friction tribofilm on to the surface of the component.

The pressure applied on the tool also leads to a burnishing effect as some of the asperities on the surface will be leveled off and the valleys be gradually filled with the friction-reducing compound. As the process is technologically simple and in most cases can be done with regular surface finishing equipment, it is very cost efficient in mass production environment. The ANS Triboconditioning® process is therefore perfect for in-house manufacturing as a part of the component manufacturer’s production line.



The ANS Triboconditioning® technology greatly improves the tribological performance of the component in terms of wear-resistance and lowered boundary friction. The surface properties also increase the lubricant film strength which makes it ideal for deployment in combination with modern energy-saving lubricants. For more in-depth information, read here.

The treatment results in:

  • Improved oil strength
  • Improved surface finish and surface integrity
  • Friction reduction
  • Wear reduction
  • Wide operating temperature range
cam wear

Running-in wear

Triboconditioned® parts demonstrate less running-in wear during early life and preserve better surface integrity over the entire service life when compared to regular components.

friction wear reduction

Application areas

The ANS Triboconditioning® treatment is suitable for any machined parts that are made of steel, cast-iron and similar ferrous alloys. The process is especially suitable for components that are manufactured in larger series.

Application area
Application area
Application area
Application area